Infant/Toddler Looping Program


Each class of students stays together for 2 1/2 – 3 years with the same teacher and peer group. Research shows that this consistency of early care and education contributes significantly to greater brain growth and overall development in the most critical first three years of life.

When it is time to move to Prescholar/3K, one of the Looping teachers spends time helping the children become adjusted to the change.



Children come together in a mixed age group for one to two years. The mixed age group allows for valuable peer teaching and peer learning experiences in a classroom that more closely resembles a natural community.

The educational program is play-based and hands-on in enriched learning/play areas that encourage self-directed learning with teacher support and facilitation.


All children who are four by September 1 will enter 4K.

The 4K program follows all Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction guidelines, including a total of 540 hours of instruction. The curriculum offers early literacy, math, science and social studies activities, the nationally recognized “Handwriting Without Tears” writing curriculum, and three yearly “specials” with activities including music lessons, studio art and swimming lessons.

The 4K teacher is degreed and licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Camp Cool


Children attending Gibraltar Area Schools who require after-school care arrive from Gibraltar on the school bus each afternoon. They have a snack, do their homework and/or have a creative activity and play outside, weather permitting.

During the summer months, children who are age five by the first day of the summer program participate in the Camp Cool Day Camp program. Each summer has a creative overall theme with corresponding activities and off-campus field trips.


Wrap Around Care

The Children’s Center opens at 7:30 am. The early morning “wrap-around care” hours include free play experiences with peers and teachers, as well as a light breakfast.

The morning hours between 9 am and 11:30 am for the Infant Toddler Loop and Prescholar/3K classrooms, and from 9 am to 12 pm for the 4K students, are dedicated to focused learning programs. These programs are both age- and developmentally-appropriate for each classroom and each child.

Following the educational program, children whose families require additional “wrap-around care” may choose to continue it in the afternoon. This option includes lunch (either a hot lunch for a small additional fee or a cold lunch from home), a rest time, and an afternoon program. The afternoon program also offers a snack and focuses on fun activities and indoor or outdoor play (weather dependent).